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Where/Who are we?

Where are we?

Our main dojo is located in Heggedal, Asker; about 25 km outside Oslo.

Having pulled off “Heggedalsveien”, take your first left and continue through the industrial property and park at the vacant lot at the top. The dojo is located at the very end of the area, following the road down and to the right.

Who are we?

We are a group that practices and wants to learn more about Aikido, to learn a skill in a friendly way by being nice to each other.

  • We practice respect!
  • We practice awareness, including character awareness.
  • We practice being on time
  • We practice for graduation tests.
  • We help to bring out the best in each other by sharing.
  • We all make mistakes. Oops! When this happens, we try to adjust and not do it again.
  • We take training seriously, but we have fun.
  • We are a “family” Dojo
  • We remember to train in a cooperative mode.
  • We remember to wear a clean Gi (training uniform) and wear slippers outside the mat.

Our values

Be Aware Be friendly Be Nice Be Supportive Be Helpful Take care We are learning

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Rules and etiquette in a Dojo are important. Vigilance is involved from the moment you enter the Dojo until you leave it. Read more about how we apply Norwegian and Japanese rules.

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