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International instructors

Hiroaki Kobayash

Our head coach from Japan Hiroaki Kobayashi sensei holds the training one Thursday night a year in our dojo. It takes place during our annual graduation seminar with Hiroaki sensei in Oslo (usually in late January or early February).

We also invite several good international instructors to the club so that our members will have the opportunity to try different training methods and to get new input. Many other athletes then come to visit the club because they want competence development and pleasant company.

Jorma Lyly 6.dan from Sweden who has collaborated with the club since 1994. He usually has more with him and draws a lot of training Aikido people to the dojo. It is advanced training that is open to everyone.

Petteri Silenius 7.dan Shihan Finland

Antony Pinchbeck 5.dan England

Sonja Sauer 4.dan Germany

Mouliko Halén 7.dan. Holds frequent seminars in the club.

More details can be found in activity calendar.