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Yasuo Kobayashi

Yasuo Kobayashi Shoshihan

Yasuo Kobayashi, 8. dan Aikikai, is representant for Aikido Kobayashi Dojo which has more than 120 connected Dojos over the whole world.


Hiroaki Kobayashi

Hiroaki Kobayashi sensei 7. dan Aikikan

Hiroaki Kobayashi dojocho started aikido when he was three years old, as the first member of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo.


Mouliko Halen

Dojo Responsible

Main instructor and Dojo responsible. Mouliko Halén is the main instructor and founder of Aikido Dojo Heggedal. He has trained Aikido since 1973 and he holds 7. Dan in Aikido. He trains youth, beginners and advanced adults.


André Walgren

Instructor Children

Main instructor for beginners children. André Walgren André Walgren has long experience with Aikido and children training. He holds 1. Dan in Aikido.


Matei Ionescu

Weapon and internal power

Main instructor for weapon and internal power. Matei Ionescu teaches internal and weapon basics classes.


During seminars you will also be trained by:


Hiroaki Kobayashi


Jorma Lyly


Anthony Pinchbeck


Jan Nevelius

Our Main teachers are,

  • Yasuo Kobayashi Shoshihan
  • Hiroaki Kobayashi sensei 7 Dan
  • Mouliko Halén 7 Dan Dojo cho
  • Magnus Norryd 3 Dan
  • André Walgren barn trening 1 Dan
  • Haakon B. Martinsen 2 kyu

We regularly invite different teachers to the Dojo. They are deeply experienced teachers, so be open to their teaching, try it out as best you can, perhaps you’ll get a teacher friend for life. They are:

  • Jorma Lyly 6 Dan. Sverige
  • Petteri Silenius 7 Dan Shihan Finland
  • Antony Pinchbeck 5 Dan England
  • Sonja Sauer 4 Dan Tyskland

It is of great value to be a participant in seminars to have the opportunity to train with other practitioners to gain more experience and improve your own techniques and experience different training atmosphere. In addition, Sunyata Aikido club members show our presence and how we train in Norway and the world.