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Our weapons training is based on basic weapon techniques with Jo, Bokken, Tanto. The weapons training starts after passing 5.kyu. Basic principles about weapons are important and widely practiced. It includes correct posture, body control, movements, footwork, arm positions, hands, self-training, etc.

Bokken: The Bokken is a wooden sword in the form of a katana (samurai sword) and we train and treat it as if it were a real sword. We learn how to use the weapon, cut, stab, footwork, and much much more. We also teach a “basic package” to understand more.

Jo: a wooden stick, with a length of 127 cm. How to train effectively with the Jo? We train basic movements and kata, alone or against / with a partner. Emphasis is also placed on self-training. We train both sides, right and left.

Tanto: a wooden knife, we train and treat it as if it were a real knife. How to defend against a knife attack, and how do I use the weapon?

Fighting in True Times

Itto-ryu under traning, an old school from Japan