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Instructors who coach the adult party and members with long experience in the club, also train the internal system of Dan Harden. Dan Harden has created a very complete and educational system. Dan Harden has an extremely high level of understanding and deep knowledge of martial arts and weapons training. He is a very good and respected swordsman. We work to incorporate / implement the principles of the internal system in all Aikido training / techniques, including weapons training! All teaching about internals comes from Dan Harden’s training program. This cannot be learned by reading it! It must be practiced at a deep level and a lot of self-training (Shugyo) is needed. It is recommended to attend Dan Harden’s seminars to learn the training method directly from the source. Dan Harden comes to Norway, Oslo 2-3 times a year. In Norway, it is Matei Ionescu who has acquired and trains the most with this system. He teaches internal training in our Dojo.

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